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Elevate Your Event with a Dynamic Public Speaker

Are you in search of a captivating, inspirational, and engaging public speaker who can leave a lasting impact on your audience?  Look no further!  We are excited to offer ourselves as public speakers, with proven track record of inspiring and motivating diverse audiences.

Please call: Mermaid Laura 07989396210

You can book a shimmer of mermaids or just one.

Channel swims, challenges, sewage, campaigning, endurance swimming.  We have honed our expertise and built a strong reputation as leaders in campaigning.  Insights backed by knowledge, and enriched with real-world experiences.  

We have a unique ability to engage storytelling that audiences connect with. 

We empower individuals to take action and make positive changes in their lives and work.



Laura has recently completed a solo swim of the English Channel and we asked her to come and speak to our group about it. 

It was amazing how from the outset she had the audience spellbound.  The content was obviously fascinating but more importantly her presentation was so good.  She spoke with confidence and her visual aids were just right.  You could have heard a pin drop.  After 45 minutes the chair invited questions which kept coming and coming, something which had never happened before.  Laura answered concisely and with no hesitations.  Laura Looked smart, a real joy to watch and I hope she will agree to come and speak on other subject that are close to her heart.

Lene de Wesselow - Parkinson's UK Chair


To Book

If you'd like to chat to the Mermaids about speaking at your event, please message the Mermaids at the bottom of the page.

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