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English Channel
July 22nd 2020

is the stretch of water that separates England and France, 21 miles at it's closest stretch of the busiest shipping lane in the world. It is an iconic swim, more people have climbed Everest than have swum this channel.  The first man to swim to France was Captain Matthew Webb on 12th August 1875, it took him 21hours & 45 mins.  To imagine the swim, think about walking slowly across a busy motorway.  Swim slots for a 10-day period are booked two years in advance and often there is no swim because of adverse weather/water conditions.  Finally, the tide goes along the Channel, so the swimmer is essentially crossing a river.  It is a river that starts, goes fast, goes slower, then stops every six hours and changes direction. 


Mission completed July 22, 2020

Henley Mermaids swam the English Channel in aid of Henley Music School, a charity which provides all forms of music education to anyone regardless of age, ability, background or means.  Mermaid Laura founded HMS which needs £60,000 annually to run.

The Mermaids raised a whapping £36,000 swimming to France.

With huge thanks to:

  • Simon's Charity

  • Orchard House 

  • Hallmark Care Home

  • Serth & Gates

  • Huntercombe Golf Club

  • Henley Business Partnership

  • Mosawi Foundation

  • Leanoard Chadwick Trust



£36,000 raised!

Laura swimming sunrise.JPG
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