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Swimming the Thames. Navigable source to Henley-on-Thames.

Over the summer April - October 2022 the Henley Mermaids will be swimming the length of the Thames in sections.  This is to highlight the issue of pollution in our rivers.

“The river Thames is a national treasure 346 kilometers long, that is enjoyed by boaters, swimmers, walkers and paddleboarders. It’s also home to a huge array of wildlife. It’s time we treated our rivers with the respect they deserve. I hope people will support us this year.”

Swimming together has made us aware of the terrible state of our rivers. Only 14% of rivers in England are considered to be in good ecological health. The Environmental Audit Committee found that our rivers are being polluted with a chemical cocktail of sewage, slurry and microplastics. We are proud to use our voices to stand up for our rivers and for our beloved River Thames.

Our final swim which will be under Henley bridge is on Saturday 5th November 2022 at 09:00.  Please join us with banners, and your support to raise awareness of the illegal dumping of sewage into our beautiful Thames.  Everyone welcome!

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Giving the River a Voice!

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