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Bristol Channel Relay 22nd July 2021
In aid of Sunrise for brain conditions.

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Mermaid Adventures:

2020 - English Channel Relay

2021 - Bristol Channel Relay

2022 - North Channel Relay (tbc)

2023 - Laura's Solo English Channel swim.

Joan's solo English channel swim (tbc).

The Henley Mermaids support the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill

The Henley Mermaids support the CEE Bill.  As open water swimmers we spend much of our time in nature.   It is vital that our environment is preserved and cared for.  We see the direct effect humans have on our beautiful river, and will continue to support and campaign for a strong and decisive action to reverse the current climate and ecological crisis.  Join the campaign here.

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Henley Mermaids are a group of women connected by swimming.  Members of Henley Open Water Swimming Club. All are professionals, many are mothers, all are great friends brought together by their love of open water swimming.


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Natural water has always held the power to cure

Roger Deakin