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World Winter Swimming Championships

3 mermaids made the trip to the very beautiful Bled, in Slovenia this weekend (which happens to be twinned with Henley), and became GB Ice Swimmers! Joan, Fiona & Laura flew with 18 of their HOWSC friends over for the championships.

  • Joan Fennelly - 25 m heads up breaststroke

  • Fiona Print - 200 m heads up breaststroke

  • Laura Reineke - 200 m heads up breastroke

  • Relay team with fellow merman Phil

The water was clear, cold and the weather beautiful. They swam along side teams from all over the world including Russia, Poland, Finland, France, Germany etc. The water ranged from 3 - 5 degrees.

Having swam in Bled the 3 mermaids & friends from HOWSC are now eligible for GB kit, and to represent GB in Winter Swimming Champs. To ensure that we have earned our titles we plan to swim an ice mile in 2021. This is extreme endurance swimming in water below 5 degrees, not flow-assisted ie. Lake swimming, which has to be authenticated by the IISA, the international Ice Swimming Association.


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