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Dip a day for 60 days! by Mermaid Fiona

I am on day 40 of dip a day, 2/3rds of the way there! I started this as a personal challenge to embrace turning 60, as I feel it needs to be celebrated - which it certainly was.

We have swam or dipped every day since December 23rd - we have broken and waded through ice to reach the river and then swam in temperatures of 1.8 degrees which felt as bad as it sounds.

Most days I have had a group of faithful friends & mermaids to share the swim with me - some especially who know who they are!

Some days I have done it alone before work - swimming in the early hours in freezing weather is not very appealing! I have been spotted by early morning walkers who feared for my sanity!

I have always ensured safety is maintained but sanity not.

20 days to go

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