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First relay & all-female relay to conquer the Bristol Channel

On Saturday 17th September at 04:29am we began our second attempt at conquering the Bristol Channel, having been pulled 4k from the end last year due to tides.

Laura began in the pitch dark, from Sandy Bay Porthcawl having waded out to the boat piloted by Meuryn Hughes. The sea was warmer than the air temperature, which for us river dwellers is unusual.

Relay order: Laura, Joan, Fiona & Susan. Our first swims went without any fuss, either in the dark, or with a beautiful sunrise. Just a nice bouncy sea. Second swims similar, just with one screech from Fiona when she swam straight into a massive Barrel Jellyfish (harmless, but enormous).

However, the tide then changed just as Susan was finishing her second swim - we were then met with tide v wind, and the sea became very messy, choppy and nasty. Every other stroke you were dunked under, and all our swims were a fight for survival, and a battle to get to the end of your hour.

We thought as Susan got in for her 3rd swim that she could land us, and finish our swim, but the tide was just too strong, and Laura ended it 18mins and 10 secs into her 4th swim.

A great swim we are proud of. Finally finishing what we'd started.

We've had a really busy year!

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