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First Sea Training of 2021

Sometimes you just have to get your head down and do those tough training sessions … did we mention it involved fish and chips, beer and ice cream?

Three mermaids ventured down to Avon beach in the New Forest to do our first sea swim of the season. We had visions of a calm-ish swim, a gentle reminder of what to expect.

We hadn’t expected such a fierce, cold easterly wind blowing directly onto the beach! The waves were huge and unpredictable, very unpleasant, but it was definitely a reminder of the salt-tongue and chafing that we experienced last year in the Channel!

We managed about 40 minutes in total, but Joan did the double for Ireland and went in twice!

It took a while to warm up in the wind but we rewarded ourselves with haddock and chips, with an ice-cream to follow for Joan.

A great day out in the - cold - sunshine but a big reminder to always respect the sea!

Looking forward to the next swim!

By Mermaid Susan

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