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21 miles in 21 weeks!

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21 miles 
21 weeks 

Join the mermaids in their 2023 challenges.

Mermaid Laura is hoping to swim the English Channel - 21 miles from England to France - August 23 - 28th in 21 weeks time!

Also in August, Mermaids Joan, Jo, Susan and Fiona are hoping to swim Loch Ness - 21 mile length of the cold Scottish, monster filled loch! 

Simply fill in the form below, pay £21, swim a mile a day, or a mile a week however you like, in wetsuit, skins, fancy dress.  Once you've finished log your swims an you will receive a badge to sew onto your dry robe! If you are new to swimming, swim a mile a week in one or more sessions, either outdoors, or in a pool.  This could be a great way to build fitness and confidence while being supported by the wider group.  

Share pictures, adventures & achievements to our socials 

This year the mermaids are raising money for Henley Community Hub, that will see the renovation of a beautiful local building to become a wonderful centre for the whole community, including youth centre, teen counselling, and a home for Henley Music School along with a venue for any and all interest groups, charities & local clubs.  

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For more information on Henley Community Hub please visit:

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